Proceeding Book International Conference on Communication and Business, Strengthening ASEAN’s Leadership in Sustainable Business and Advanced Communication : Volume 1. Empowering Asean's Sustainability: Communication Strategies and Advancing Business



This proceeding book delves into the multifaceted landscape of sustainability initiatives, examining how effective communication methodologies are pivotal in shaping and advancing sustainable practices within businesses across ASEAN nations.

The studies emphasize the critical importance of marketing communication & social media, diplomacy, political & climate change, entrepreneurship, media & performing art, health communication, gender, culture & leadership, and tourism communication. It provides insightful analyses of various communication frameworks, tools, and approaches businesses employ to integrate sustainability into their core operations.

Moreover, the proceeding offers a detailed examination of ASEAN's role in spearheading sustainable business practices, highlighting key leadership strategies and initiatives adopted within the region. It discusses the challenges, opportunities, and best practices in sustainability communication, equipping readers with practical insights and strategies to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable business in ASEAN.

Through case studies, research findings, and expert perspectives, this proceeding serves as a valuable resource for business leaders, policymakers, academics, and practitioners seeking to enhance their understanding of how effective communication strategies can drive sustainable development and foster a more responsible business environment within the ASEAN context.



January 31, 2024


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