Proceeding Book International Conference on Communication and Business, Strengthening ASEAN’s Leadership in Sustainable Business and Advanced Communication : Volume 2. The Intersection of Communication and Business in the Pursuit of Sustainability



This proceeding book explores the vital connection between effective communication strategies and the realm of business, particularly concerning sustainability initiatives. It delves into the pivotal intersection where communication practices merge with the objectives of businesses aiming to foster sustainability. By examining various communication tools, methodologies, and frameworks within the business context, this abstract sheds light on how companies/ institution integrate sustainable practices into their core operations. It highlights the significance of communication in articulating, implementing, and reinforcing sustainability agendas, fostering stakeholder engagement, and influencing consumer behavior. The studies underscore the essential role of strategic communication in aligning business objectives with sustainable practices, thereby fostering a more responsible and environmentally conscious business landscape.



January 29, 2024


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